How about this for a new idea ?

24 Jan

When C.S.I.S or Homeland Security  (depending on which country you happen to be living in) find and detain a terrorist individual or force from another nation within our borders attempting to perpetrate some sort of bad act they are held without the sort of rights which regular people have. This is only right for if they were to be released they would simply go back to attempting to damage our nations once again. There have been countless occasions when terrorists have been caught trying to do extremely heinous acts, and there have been those who were not caught and have managed to complete their missions… We all know what 9/11 means, before that date if you were to simply state that combination of numbers to someone it would have meant absolutely nothing.

Our nations are still fighting a seperate war within our borders and for some reason we seem to give these terrorists all the rights that regular citizens are given. I speak now of GANGS; these violence seeking, murderous thugs think nothing of taking up arms to kill others. They have no remorse when an innocent is gunned down and seem to laugh at the law knowing that the various rights afforded citizens will set them free. In fact it takes a great deal of work for law inforcement to actually put some of these arrogant, lawless, ignorant killers behind bars. They play the system to allow themselves the least amount of jail time as is possible.

We need to toughen the laws regarding violent crime a great deal. The three strike rule needs to become a single strike rule should the person be a proven Gang member. THE VERY SAME LAWS WE ASSERT ON FOREIGN TERRORISTS WE NEED TO SPREAD OUT TO COVER THE GANGS OF OUR TWO NATIONS ( America and Canada ). Any Gang member caught in possession of a firearm should get life without parole, the reason I say this is because you can bet dollars to doughnuts that the perp was not going to use the weapon to dig a patch of soil. Some say that to adopt measures such as this would fill corrections facilities too quickly. I have a very simple answer to this, BUILD MORE FACILITIES WITH THE FUNDS CAPTURED FROM DRUG BUSTS.

Drugs captured should no longer be destroyed but rather sent to special drug companies where they can be broken down into the medical use drugs that can be destributed to the V.A and Homeless at no charge to cover properly diagnosed illness.  There are a great number of small solutions which put together would make a big difference however first we need to stop the scurge of the Gangs who rule most of the large cities in both of our nations…..Twitchel


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