When Will the American Public Ever Learn

23 Dec

Next year will see yet another election year come to America and even now the Republicans are busty trying to find a candidate the American public will stand behind. When NewtGingritch is top of the short list I can safely say that the party is headed for a long and protracted decline all begun by George Bush and his disgusting fiscal policies prior to 2008 and the take over of the Democrats.

The major problem for the Democrats is that they have had only four years to undo and repair all the damage of so many years of Republican leadership. The idea of simply piling Tax cuts upon Tax cuts for the idle rich top two percent going back so many years all the way back to Clinton is simply illustrating how idealistically backrupt the Republican party really is. They have not been able to come up with a single new idea since that last Democratic leadership of the Clinton’s.

The Republicans even took this morally bankrupt idea to their bailout of Wall Street when they simply handed over the money to the banks with NO oversight at all. Simply believing that they would do the right thing was tantamount to allowing criminals out of jail believing that they would change their ways now that they have seen what prison is like.

It was the very same banks who had caused the fall of 2008 in the first place that Bush gave the money to and they were supposed to lend the funds out to the average man in order to stimulate the economy…All they stimulated was their bonus cheques. It used to be that Lawyers and Jounalists got the rap for being the most morally bankrupt. Now Investment Bankers take that title running away and with just cause. Almost every one working on Wall Street has caused harm to someone in the States. Capitalism as a pure model of Economics is DEAD!

Of all the G8 nations after the 2008 debacle, it was Canada who came out functioning the best, and why was that. We came out on top because we simply do not allow sub- prime mortgages. When I first heard of Sub-Primes I was so upset that I posted on many Republican Chat sites regarding the idea of Sub Primes and I stated that these sort of Mortgages would cause great damage to the American Banking system. What I did not know at that time was how invested the European Banks were in this corrupt concept. There are still a number of economic concepts which are just as corrupt and are still in use today…DERIVATIVES: Micheal Moore did a documentary on these and the Sub Prime situation I thought it had its points however M.M tends to overplay various points in order to sell his various movies.

The Dem’s have only had four years so far to correct all the decades of foul play that the Republicans have accumulated. That is not nearly enough time to correct the deeds and give America back to its people in better shape than it was. The biggest problem is that Americans in general are a group of INSTANT GRATIFICATION voters.   The slogan which broadly illustrates the average voter in America is ” WHAT  HAVE YOU DONE FOR ME LATELY”.  They want all the goodies which a good government should afford them but they do not want to pay for them in the form of taxes.

In Canada the five major banks are legislated by the Government ( no cost to the public ), Health Care is taken care of by the Government, we do have to pay a small fee in most provinces. There has been a lot of negative hype regarding our health system and wait times…My mother suffered a stroke this spring she was treated within minutes, my father has alzheimers and has oh going health needs which required him to be in hospital for over six months until they found a permenant placement for him in an extended care facility. the whole thing didn’t cost our family a single penny. Myself, I have medical needs which require that I take close to a dozen different medications, between the government and a supplimental coverage which I pay every three months of three hundred dollars. I do not pay anything for my meds and I can pick up what I need on a twenty four hour notice.  If there is a problem I can work with the pharmacy until things are sorted out, i never miss out on my medications. THIS IS THE OBJECTIVE AMERICA SHOULD BE HEADED TOWARD however with a Capitalist agenda behind everything it will never happen i fear.

I do hope that Americans are wise enough to re-elect President Obama once more he deserves the opportunity to work toward his health care and other kinds of policies including closing Qantanamo Bay.  Be aware America that the Republicans are not interested in increasing the quality of life for the average American, all they want is to give money to the top 2% yet again, after all it is from that percentile that they get the money to run for Senate / Congress / The House for yet another term…


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